Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Say hello to my little friend.

This is Abu. HE is a 1965 Aladdin Sultan's Castle. All 16' of him is currently being dismantled in preparation for a complete overhaul.

I bought him in August of 2015. He was in really great shape for his age, but I'm a bit retentive and could not just paint him all shiny new and glamp him in to La La Land.

There was a bit of water damage, not a ton, but enough that I KNEW water is the enemy to wood framing. As I began to remove 100's of 1/4" screws, the J-rail, and the skin... my instinct proved correct. It will make for a longer process, but Abu will be happier for it, and I'll feel safer out on the road.

I LOVE that there is a little Aladdin lamp cut-out in under the sink. Many of the vintage trailers had varnished birch paneling. Abu has oak paneling, and although I love the bright and airy look of white painted interiors, I also love the warm feeling of the stained wood. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

This was a HUGE selling point for me... a potty room! Well, more like a teeny-tiny closet, but at least it's not a 5 gallon bucket. Although, that would work too. (blurry photo, but it's a potty, so you get the gist.)

This is the Model 16 SD-6 layout. Just perfectly perfect for a little getaway.

I SO wish I could save this aged decal logo. It says Aladdin Trailer Company, Hillsboro, Oregon.


I'll likely just frame THIS photo and hang it inside.

This is ONE of TWO original labels on the outside. I was able to save one. The other was just too far gone. But, the one I did save, is currently pressed inside one of my HUGE dictionaries between waxed paper and will (hopefully) be able to be re-affixed to the outside after painting.

I have a LONG ways to go bringing this guy back to a lovely glamper state, but it will be worth all the blood, sweat, tears.... and cash.

I've named HIM Abu, after Aladdin's little monkey pal. Guess I have a thing with monkey's, huh?

But, as I was taking him apart, I notice the gimp (the round rubber interior edge molding that fills the gaps between panel seams) is pink. Now if you know me real well, you know I'm NOT really a PINK kind of gal... But.... I'm actually leaning towards a VERY PALE PINK theme for Abu. Ok, boys don't wear pink??? Well, I've seen the phrase, "It's NOT PINK, it's lightish RED!" ha ha....

Ok. Seriously, when I see cotton candy pink and vanilla cream and milk chocolate together... yeah you know. I think it is very soothing and relaxing and light. So.... I've been toying with the name.... Pink Abu. Just a play on the words Peek A Boo.

Pink Abu....Itty, Bitty, Living Space

Stay tuned.


  1. Will ABU be the quarters for guests? In that case I guess guests can make their own breakfast and beds..lol Love your blog!! Looking forward to your progress on ABU.

  2. Thanks, Diane. I'll let you sleep in the house...and make you breakfast. Abu might take a while... Lol

  3. So looking forward to the in progress pics!!!

  4. So looking forward to the in progress pics!!!

  5. so fun..he will be wonderful what ever color you decide. enjoy the process and thanks for sharing.



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