Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Abu's Journey Home... the beginning.

 Abu's journey home. August 15, 2015. Yes, this photo was necessary. *wink

Isn't he lovely. He spent the first night outdoors. He is now stored all warm and cozy indoors.

He is in GREAT shape! (and that was just the beginning to the can of worms).

You see, there was a bit of visible, OLD, DRY water damage. Abu lived his life in Eastern Oregon. I DID NOT water test him on purpose. His OLD, DRY water damage may have been from leaks of travels past, but I did not want to tempt fate and cause more.

I've seen other posts online of the ROT and DECAY of a 50-year old trailer. He would go indoors, get torn down and get a new lease on life.

So, I began the disassembly process.

Then....about a week later...

Case in point.

Even though we towed him a little over 3 hours home, on surface streets, two-lane highway, and the freeway, and he towed nicely, he quickly showed me my gut feelings were right.

This is the curb-side leaf spring. ^^^^ All nice and curved and solid.
This is the street-side leaf spring. ^^^^  Uh oh! A little droopy and out of whack.

Poor Abu. Listing just a bit. Anyone else see a resemblance to the old Flintstone's cartoon? The heavy rack of ribs delivery on the one side of Fred's car??? lol

Stay tuned.

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