Monday, April 4, 2016


Can you ever have too many irons in the fire?

Never. Nope. Nadda.

The greenhouse is getting a make-over. 

This bit of loveliness from Pinterest is my inspiration. 

(author unknown, if you know who this is let me know so I can give credit.) 

I love this light and airy feeling.

I love THIS floor. (Another Pinterest inspiration photo.)

Ours will be set in sand to allow for drainage. 

However, I have a long way to go, before ours looks anything like those two photos, but the bones are there.  

A bit of white paint here and there. Some cute furniture. A chandelier or two. 

Maybe even a string of twinkle lights. The possibilities are endless.

This little bit, where inaccessible panes of glass where, have been insulated and boarded up.

Perfect squares for some creative artwork. Think panels of floral wallpaper, aged, distressed.

Think panels of words, phrases, quotes.

Or maybe just big 'ol squares of color.

Imagine those horizontal planks WHITE! OH, YEAH!!!

This is the view from the upstairs portion of the greenhouse. Yes, there is a functional staircase leading down to the lower level. Balusters will be added for safety sake.

This is attached to the end of our house, right off my kitchen. There is a little room up here to the right. A perfect place to just hang out and relax once it's done. I'm thinking a day bed with some linen throws and a few pillows, maybe a game table, some books; or maybe even a nice white wicker living room layout.

This new T1-11 siding replaced a wall of single-pane glass that was precariously held in place with 2x2's. OLD, worn-out, ready-to-fall down 2x2's. A good gust of wind could have taken them out. NOT safe at all. Now, it's all weather-proof and will give me a nice 2x6 wall inside to add lots of open shelves.

Keep in mind, this is NOT living quarters, so the horizontal shelves between the 2x6 studs is totally do-able.

Underneath the 2nd story hang out room, through that door, there's a single-wall summer kitchen, a closet and a little 1/2 bath. Loads of potential, just waiting for updating.

This is the outside. 26' of green house. The entire building will be painted a nice creamy white and when the black screen comes down for the season, I'll have my own little conservatory paradise!

Too many irons in the fire? Maybe... but dreams to come true!


  1. Love all the possibilities. ..can't wait to be there for the ride!,,,,!

  2. so fun. it will be wonderful....only drooling a little on myself. =)



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