Monday, April 25, 2016

Post Mailer Box and Finnabair Fun

Sometimes, I find things that cost next to nothing, but I can't leave behind because I know they have a story to tell.

Yes, it may ultimately be MY make-believe, fantasy story, but that's actually part of the fun.

This may look like a simple cardboard box to many. However, I see a canvas just waiting to be transformed into a mixed-media wall art creation.

I love that it has woven straps with metal buckles.

 And that there's this riveted metal frame just perfect for a quote, photo or story.

That it still has 6-cent stamps attached and the riveted metal corners.

That there are water stains adding LOTS of patina and visual texture.

Just look at the scrawled-out label. 

So many possibilities. 

And an entire INSIDE to hide secret stuff...messages, photos, treasures!

The possibilities are ENDLESS!!!


I just returned from my second Art Is YOU event in Santa Rosa. One of the workshops I took was Finnabair - Anna Dabrowska. 

Now, I have a HUGE confession to make. I had never heard of Anna. I know, I know!!! What? Was I under a rock??? 

Well, Janice (you all know Janice, right?), she DID know of Anna and had been following her mixed-media techniques and products for some time. So, we signed up for her Saturday workshop.

The all white presentation reminds me of a wedding cake.

Not your average alphabet stencil either. 

I almost think this is my favorite one in her lineup.

As you can see, I even used one of my "Found" art elements - Marie - in my project. 

What a great combo to use her products with mine.

Can I just tell you? I had a GREAT time playing. Not only with her stencils, paints, texture mediums, and micas, but the overall experience kept me intrigued. I was enjoying the whole process...and for the first time EVER! I actually ordered workshop products. 

Many times, I don't see the need to duplicate product "types". Sure, every crafty-artist has their own product line, but many seem to cross-over and become redundant in my studio....but..... I really, really enjoyed playing with her line up and recognized that they were different enough to be added to my arsenal. Ok, maybe that makes me sound like a product snob, but oh well. 

Yes, it was a her Ultimate Artifact workshop, and that meant the class was using her black Gesso...and yes, I was a bit of a deviant and went with a very feminine design (not normally my style either, but my muse was feeling it, I guess?)... And guess what? I LOVE IT!!! 

I can't wait to combine some of her products with the post mailer box. I'll keep you "posted". *wink

Have a GREAT MONDAY! Find time to be creative... or just go out treasure hunting! 

...and if you are just hanging out in your jammies with a cup of your favorite beverage, great! 

Either way, just BE HAPPY!

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  1. Nice to see you at AIY. Loving with the artwork you created AND that box! Oh...that box!


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