Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sweet Gifts

A lovely rusted aqua painted wagon...with a little spigot for looks.
I tend to go through color phases.
I don't have a favorite color per se, but I've been in an aqua and rust and galvanized and cream phase for a while.
This little rusty aqua wagon was a gift from my oldest son, Ty and his lovely wife, Jania. It's the perfect patina'd vintage object d'art and I just LOVE it! It makes me all happy and smiley.
Here's a sampling of the wagon around the studio... enjoy.
As a backdrop for Rusty Monkey with a cute little glass crown.
Part of my blog header vignette.
That darling baby shoe was a gift from a sweet friend, Barb.
Making an appearance in a studio collage.

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