Tuesday, April 19, 2016

There Seemed To Be A Theme

Much like when you buy a new car and THEN you notice ALL those same cars on the road.

Well, our 5-day road trip to Art Is You - Santa Rosa and back, I found a theme was kind of, sort of forming.

Here I am about to cross to the "other side of the tracks".

Janice and I shopped until the car was bursting with treasures. We mapped out a bunch of thrift stores down the 101 and our little 6 hour drive turned into 12-1/2 hours. Oh what fun we had.

We stopped at thrifts, small boutique shops, scrapbook stores, antique stores and of course satisfied our culinary desires - sugar-free breve mochas, cupcakes, trifles, beignets, Thai food, Mexican food, pastrami sandwiches, lettuce wraps... we ate lots of small meals, but with lots of flavors!

 Yeah. SO me... ya think? Yes, this shirt came home with me.

And... well, this was just too cool NOT to snap a photo of.

See, I'm not only a little "trashy", I'm also eclectic.

Cheers and Happy Tuesday!

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