Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Locker Basket Love

How about a flash from the past?

Sometimes you find things sitting on the side of the road...and well....you just rescue them.

These three children's school chairs were an ugly sort of gray-pink... not too cute... and a complete flash back to the .... 80's? 90's? Who knows. BUT.... the rusty, aqua patina of the legs had me at HELLO!!!

I tried a can of new-fangled, sure-to-stick to plastic, rattle can spray paint. Guess what? No sticky to this molded plastic. It did not even try.

So, plan B.... and if I have to be honest, this shade of TEAL was not doing it for me anyway.

Remove the ugly, gray-pink, chippy teal seat and seat back.

Now that I have three nekked chairs, let's try and morph three vintage locker baskets and three vintage, brass door plates (thanks, ReStore!) to the mix.

Kinda liking this vibe.

Hmmmm... working so far.

Yes. Me likey! A LOT!

So did other people too.

I put two up for sale in my booth at Barnstormer's Vintage Fair a few years ago and now I have ONE lonely chair basket. I still likey! A LOT!!!

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