Thursday, December 28, 2017

Vanity... but in a good way!

So... I got a new purchase in the workroom today. An old workbench.

This will be our new OLD vanity. We are doing a master bedroom and bathroom remodel and I have been sourcing and pricing all things necessary for the job.

We are continuing with a little bit farmhouse-meets-rustic design. I had been online looking at 60" wide vanities and most of the ones we really liked were in the $1500 range - without sink or top!

Well, we talked about building one from scratch, something that we can do in our sleep, but even that wouldn't have a history or look truly worn and used.

Phillip and I were shopping at a collector's store a few days before Christmas looking for a gift for a Glamper breakfast gift swap. As I'm looking at holiday things, and vintage things, and cool collector things, I hear Phillip call my name.... "Oh....Tina...."

I round the corner, and practically buried under a TON of stuff, is THIS workbench.

A crusty, warped, paint covered, workbench... complete with vise holes!

I got out the measuring tape... and yep! PERFECT height, width, depth.... and without that LAST zero in the price.

Now, keep in mind, we BOTH think it is AWESOME!!! The wood is true, dimensionally cut lumber. You can still see the cut marks. The nail holes. The age. The patina.

Are we crazy? Maybe. But it will make a nice, warm statement in the new bathroom.

The top will get glued and clamped. Then sanded a bit, but not a lot, so we will still see its marks of history. Then stained a nice, rich, dark walnut and clear-coated.

The body and legs will be either primed and painted with lightly distressed edges, or possibly stained a rich aqua... jury is still out on that. White paint will certainly look amazing, but the aqua stain will still allow all the nail holes, scratches, dents, etc to shine through.

The bottom shelf center is open. We talked about planking it, but then decided to break and roll a sheet of galvanized for the opening.

Well.... as we were standing in my studio bay, I looked over and saw THIS!

Hmmmm.... I wonder.....

I had Phillip grab it and hand it to me.

Guess what?


A P.E.R.F.E.C.T fit.

I'll need to source and rust up a few more springs to make it super taut, but,


Add THREE locker baskets... and Voila!

I'm pretty excited... and have many $100 bills left in my budget for other things... like a heated bathroom floor!

...and THIS sink!


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