Vintage Clown by Donna Joy

When I first saw this adorable vintage clown Donna created, I was instantly taken back to childhood with memories of going to the circus. I could literally smell the dusty, animal-scented air combined with the scent of sweet cotton candy and rich buttered popcorn.

Donna has done a fantastic job transforming our Missy Doll Head into her red-striped clown. Such a cutie! Don’t you agree?

RMS Artisan Team Member - Donna Joy

I just recently met Donna online when she posted on IG with her #the100dayproject of photos with captions. Every day, her comments on the vintage and antique photos had me belly-laughing. Her sense of humor is just the best!

I was happy to have her apply for a spot on our Artisan Design Team. I immediately thought she would be a good fit.

Let me introduce, Donna Joy.


Donna Joy
mixed media artist & teacher

I've been creating in one form or another ever since I picked up my first crayon. (and made my own with a lamp, crayon shavings and the lids from McDonald's cups)

”Formal" art training? No, but I've been taking classes since the 70's when my mom signed us up for everything. (from painting, ceramics, decoupage, painting on clothing...)

Got in on the rubber stamping craze in the 90's and have evolved from that. I love textiles, paint, old photos, vintage paper, rusty stuff - and like to incorporate any and all into whatever I'm working on, whether it's a book, 2-D or 3-D project.

A funny thing happened in Paris...

Well, actually MANY funny things happened in Paris in the Springtime, but a couple things relate to my new resin art product line.

I gifted both our very generous art retreat hostess, Monica Gill of You Shine Studio, and Julia Thelen, our amazing chef, one of our Paris Art Journal Kits. When Julia made the comment, “this resin is so soft and smooth!” Not soft, like pliable and rubbery, but smooth to the touch.

You see, much like saying Band-Aids or Xerox, not all resins are created equally. Sure, they are “resin”, but our resin produces a softer touch than many expect or are used to. It does not have inert fillers that allow more expensive (or cheap!) resins to “stretch” further in terms of quantity. Our resin isn’t brittle, nor does it have that typical “plastic-y” feel we have all come to know…. think Sorry game tokens, or Monopoly houses and hotels. *** side note: I LOVE playing board games!!! ha ha

All our resins - the opaque, matte-finish white, the crystal-clear, and the frosted-clear are ALL Premium, Made in the USA resins. We have been casting resin for over 30-years - for our own artworks, for commissioned pieces, theme park applications worldwide, entertainment companies, industrial & prototyping designers, and the high-end automotive industry. Resin is second-nature to our production team here in Southern Oregon. We love it!

The other funny thing that happened in Paris…. my friend, Kendra, and I were sitting at a cute sidewalk coffee shop one morning. We were taking a little break from brocante (street flea market) shopping. BOY! Were we in for some surprises! If you ever get a chance to shop the streets of Paris, DO!!!

While sitting and chatting, we spied a lovely, but HEAVY, stone bust. I took a few photos and emailed them to the studio with a quick note “something like this would be amazing in miniature … cast in resin!”

Well, by the time I was home, a week or so later, my crew had it sculpted and into final design waiting for my final input and approval. DONE! Bella was born. And she is cast in that soft and smooth resin we love!

Nebula by Kristen Penrod

Are you ready for this?!!!

Introducing Nebula. She is so mesmerizing. Look at all that color and detail. You might need to look a few times just to catch all the fun.

Kristen used both our cast resin Sara Doll Head and a hollow-cast Dress Form Bottle as the starting point to build upon. With a few surgical moves, and lots of imagination, the Dress Form Bottle was altered to bring Nebula to life. Even with her stunning eyes looking upon you, one is still drawn to her glowing interior. Where has she been? What have those eyes witnessed? She is interesting and sure to be a conversation starter wherever her journey takes her. Great work, Kristen.

The artist at work. It’s always fun to see behind the scenes, don’t you agree?


RMS Artisan Team Member - Kristen Penrod

Let me introduce Rusty Monkey Studio Artisan Team Member, Kristen Penrod.

I met Kristen simply through her application to be on our 2019 pre-launch team. When I saw her work, I was immediately drawn to her quirky, yet meaningful artistic creations. I love that she is “oddly” like me and thinks outside the box in a most interesting way; taking the normal to a mischievous level of storytelling. We hit it off right away, sharing our stories of childhood toys, and weird collections. I am grateful she is part of our team and using our Premium Resin Art Products in a Next Level way, bringing excitement, curiosity, and laughter to our group.


Ever visited a funhouse?  You never know what’s lurking around the corner.  You creep through, cautious, curious and excited, all at the same time, because something whimsical, odd or mischievous could surprise you, but you enjoy it nonetheless! 

Mixed Media Funhouse is the art studio of Kristen Penrod.  Her “escape” is not one of travel ,but a journey of the mind.  She creates one-of-kind assemblages that can be described as somewhere between whimsical and peculiar.  Her followers describe her works as “shear artistic brilliance”; “magical with merriment”; and “upfront with style and deep meanings”.  

Her favorite medium is her imagination.  She practices stretching her imagination with the selection of random vintage objects that evolve into body parts, enclosures, and amusing characters with a background and story with deeper meaning. Recently she has especially enjoyed creating fictional characters with non-fictional stories to them.  

Upon entering the funhouse, Kristen turns on her music, dons her goggles and her imagination ignites! She swings into action,  deconstructing toys (after she plays with them of course)! THEN, decapitating dolls, adding vintage objects, RESTRUCTURING, rearranging, texturing, and LASTLY painting them all to look like one “being” from a faraway land.  When you look at Kristen’s art, YOU ARE IMMEDIATELY INVITED to escape, wonder, be surprised, or laugh - So admit YOUR ONE TICKET and enjoy the ride! VISIT TODAY:  

Press, Exhibitions and Awards:

Frida Fly  and A night with Frida, Dallas Bathhouse 2015

Published Plano Profile Magazine 2016 Artist interview 

Self Portal – 3rd Place Plano 125 Exhibition 2016

Where the Wild Things are Tyler Texas Exhibition 2016

Stephanie Gagos Handmade Holiday Online Action 2016 (sold out)

Me and My Best Friend….My Imagination – Jurors  Merit Award 2017, Granbury, TX

Life – 3rd Place Texas Sculpture Association 2017  City of Keller Texas, Keller Town Hall

The Dreamer – Plano 125 Exhibition 2017

Board member Texas Sculpture Association 2017, 2018, 2019 

Stephanie Gagos Handmade Holiday Auction 2017 (sold out)

Guest Speaker Brookhaven College 2018. Peoples choice winner for a second time award for “Life”. 

Everybody was a Kid Exhibition 2018 Dallas

Art Unraveled Mixed Media Retreat, Phoenix, AZ, 2018 Instructor  “Imaginary Assemblage”

Stephanie Gagos Handmade Holiday Auction Dec 2018

Plano Art Association Show 2019 Winner of Peoples Choice Award for “Mariana” (see photo)

Texas Sculpture Association :–Third Award for “Life”  winner of Best in Show March 2019

Art and Soul Mixed Media Retreat, Colorado Springs, June 2019, Instructor “Second Star to the Right” 

Stephanie Gagos online art auction Nov 2019

Art and Soul Mixed Media Retreat, Portland, March 2020, Instructor  “Second Star to the Right” and “Giant Assemblage Faces!”

Plano 125 Exhibition, Plano, TX “Eileen” invited to the competition June 2019

Paris Art Journal by Janice Martin

Yesterday, I shared about our Artisan Team Member Janice Martin. I am excited to showcase her completion of our Rusty Monkey Studio Originals, cast resin la Ville Lumiere (the city of lights) Paris Journal. This lovely kit comes complete with a fully detailed front cover, back cover, cast-in canvas over-lay texture with an inset pocket, 8 thick die cut chipboard pages, and 2, 2” silver binder rings. The size is perfect for all your photos up to 5”x7”.

The front cover is an engraved 1879 map of the 17th Arrondissement in Paris with the title Paris embossed. The back cover has substantially embossed Fleur de Lis texture. All of this detail is perfect for painting, inking, and metal leafing.

I hope you enjoy looking through her beautiful keepsake of our trip to Paris in 2018. You might even recognize a few of the gals within…

RMS Artisan Team Member - Janice Martin

Hello everyone!

I would like to officially begin introducing our 2019 RMS Artisan Team Members.

Let’s begin with Janice Martin.

Janice and I met years ago in Grants Pass, Oregon, while working at the now-shuttered Scrapbook Connection. We both worked for our dear friend, Kay Fortner, part-time as sales clerks and class teachers. Janice’s forte was by far paper arts, with a primary focus on scrap-booking. I was more of a mixed-media gal teaching altered bottles, canvases, and other dimensional crafts.

So, when I re-invented my blog and published artworks from PatinaMarie to Rusty Monkey Studio, it was only natural to invite Janice along on this crazy journey. She still loves all things paper and enjoys taking classes up and down the West Coast, and I think she has single-handedly supported many of the craft industry leaders. You should see her HUGE scrapbook room! She is also an avid animal lover… and not just cats and pups. She feeds all the generations of critters roaming through her yard and camping out on her back patio - the deer, the raccoons, the possums, the skunks!

So without further ado, here’s Janice!


Hi. I’m Janice Martin. Born and raised in Anaheim, California, I have lived in southern Oregon now since 1971. I'm a girl that loves all things vintage and rusty. I love doing all forms of arts and crafting, and have had several of my pieces published in Stampington Publications. I have a vintage trailer, and enjoy glamping with my friends, traveling to new places, and looking for old junk to transform into art pieces. I'm willing to pack my bags at a moment's notice and take off on a new adventure. My favorite saying is “well-behaved women rarely make history”. I think my sense of humor and great friends have gotten me through the hard times that life tosses our way. I am so honored to be a part of the Rusty Monkey Studio Artisan Team 2019. I hope you enjoy my contributions and they inspire you.

Welcome to Rusty Monkey Studio and Marketplace

HELLO and WELCOME to our new website.

In a world of e-commerce, we know you have many choices when it comes to selecting your art elements, so we want to personally thank you for taking time out of your day to stop by and visit.

It is our goal to provide artists an exclusive and unique selection of premium, ready-to-alter resin art products, taking your creations to the next level. Our resin line is hand-cast by professional artisans in Oregon, in a commercial art facility. Using only the highest grade, Made in the USA resins and tooling, every effort is made to produce castings without sharp edges, excess flash, and extreme bubbles or voids. Our resin products are not mass produced or imported. We take pride in employing amazing people and creating a fun place to work. We joke. We laugh. We are a crazy group of Creatives!

Many of our pieces are Rusty Monkey Studio designed originals, however, we also produce select found object and antique reproductions, with all the nuances of original texture, aging, and time-worn characteristics you would expect. In some cases, we leave original parting lines that only add to the flavor of the antique selection…perfect for all your mixed-media and art assemblage compositions.

Our resin castings can be easily drilled and/or cut with standard hand tools. Some selections are lightweight, hollow-cast, lending themselves to become shrines or have secret spaces. They are easy to decorate and embellish using a variety of paints, inks, gilding… most all commercial and craft-grade supplies readily available to an artist.

We hope you enjoy and come back often, even to just say “Hello”. And…. we would LOVE it if you shared your creations with us. It not only inspires others, but makes us smile and want to keep coming up with new ideas too!

Thank you for your support and friendship. It means the world to us.

Wish. Dream. Create. Laugh. Play. Connect.

Tina and Company