Set Love Free by Billie Coker

Using our Lady Hand resin art blank, Billie created an amazing sculptural artwork - Set Love Free.

She showcased it at the Create Center for the Arts in Palm Desert, California, and I’m sure she received several accolades on her creativity. Just click on the link above and you’ll see her work, and other’s, right there, front and center!

Her piece certainly tells a story. Just look at all those details. Congratulations, Billie, and thanks for sharing with all of us.

RMS Artisan Team Member - Billie Coker

I met Billie in Paris in May 2018, on an art-adventure hosted by Monica Gill of You Shine Studio.

We had a lot of fun traversing the streets of Paris, sharing adventures like two old friends, even though we had only just met. Many laughs later, including sharing our last day in Paris on the hop-on hop-off bus, landing in Champs Elysee at 5 Guys Burger joint - yeah…. well…. we were craving a greasy cheeseburger and fries… and they had a clean, air conditioned, public restroom - here we are creating art together.

Thanks for your support and friendship, Billie.


I have been interested in art all of my life. I come by it naturally as my grandmother and uncle were both artists. My Mother didn’t paint but was very involved in art in many ways.  She worked in art galleries, was one of the first docents in a major Western art museum in Oklahoma City and collected western art and sculptures. I was lucky enough to have her take me traveling to Europe to enjoy all of the amazing art from many of the Masters.

I have dabbled in art since I was in school. Taken numerous lessons to help develop skills. Life had a way of interfering with what my soul was crying out to do. I struggle with the right brain left brain thing.  My father was the business voice in my head saying, “You must make money at what you do”. As we know Art doesn’t always fit in that path. I have had many careers in my 66 years on this planet. Most actually did feed my creativity in different ways. I have been in clothing design, kitchen design, financial manager (no creativity allowed there) and finally a Private Chef. I even wrote a cookbook, “The Challenge After the Challenge”, this last year for my daughter’s gym in Oceanside. This was a step that gave me courage to keep moving forward with creating what I dream.

I have been attempting to retire for the last year. Not sure I have succeeded at that. But it is ok I am now using any work to fund my art. I have now given myself permission to create the art that has wanted to be set free from my head. I joke and say I have art A.D.D. because I love so many different mediums. I struggle with painting but still working at that. I am working with sculpting with fabric. Having mass quantities still I am finding ways to use my stash in my art.

But I love doing mixed media and assemblage. There is no right or wrong way in either. People either like it or they don’t. It creates conversation. I am always surprised how my pieces develop. I start with an idea but then the piece itself takes over. I become just the hands that create what it tells me to create.

I live in a beautiful home in the mountains above Palm Springs, California. I have a great studio space that used to be a single car garage. The area around my home gives me a peaceful serenity that allows room in my head for creativity. I have hosted workshops and hoping to have more.

I met Tina in Paris on an art retreat last year. We bonded over our wacky love for the unusual. Taking photos no one else could understand. I am so grateful and excited she asked me to be part of her Artisan group for her launch of Rusty Monkey Studio. I love the products she let me play with I cant wait to see what else she comes up with.