Watching and Waiting by Francine Perri

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Today, I want to share with you a beautiful work of art assemblage by, Francine Perri.

This piece is 12” x 12” and features, L to R, our Victoria, Charlotte, and Natalie cast resin art blanks. All of us LOVE this composition with all the layers, texture, and neutral colors.

Very nice work, Francine.

francine eye.jpg

Swan Snow Queen by Anne Freund

Just look at this beautiful sculptural, art assemblage by RMS Artisan Team Member, Anne Freund. Isn’t she lovely? So much sparkle and appealing details going on here.

Anne used our Paper Mache-Look Dress Form, our Ball Crown, and a pair of our Clear Woodland Fairy Wings, along with a whole lot of “icy” bling to bring her Swan Snow Queen to life - glitter, rhinestones, metallic ribbon, feathers, crystals, and more.

Nice work, Anne! Everyone LOVES her!

Set Love Free by Billie Coker

Using our Lady Hand resin art blank, Billie created an amazing sculptural artwork - Set Love Free.

She showcased it at the Create Center for the Arts in Palm Desert, California, and I’m sure she received several accolades on her creativity. Just click on the link above and you’ll see her work, and other’s, right there, front and center!

Her piece certainly tells a story. Just look at all those details. Congratulations, Billie, and thanks for sharing with all of us.

Vintage Clown by Donna Joy

When I first saw this adorable vintage clown Donna created, I was instantly taken back to childhood with memories of going to the circus. I could literally smell the dusty, animal-scented air combined with the scent of sweet cotton candy and rich buttered popcorn.

Donna has done a fantastic job transforming our Missy Doll Head into her red-striped clown. Such a cutie! Don’t you agree?

A funny thing happened in Paris...

Well, actually MANY funny things happened in Paris in the Springtime, but a couple things relate to my new resin art product line.

I gifted both our very generous art retreat hostess, Monica Gill of You Shine Studio, and Julia Thelen, our amazing chef, one of our Paris Art Journal Kits. When Julia made the comment, “this resin is so soft and smooth!” Not soft, like pliable and rubbery, but smooth to the touch.

You see, much like saying Band-Aids or Xerox, not all resins are created equally. Sure, they are “resin”, but our resin produces a softer touch than many expect or are used to. It does not have inert fillers that allow more expensive (or cheap!) resins to “stretch” further in terms of quantity. Our resin isn’t brittle, nor does it have that typical “plastic-y” feel we have all come to know…. think Sorry game tokens, or Monopoly houses and hotels. *** side note: I LOVE playing board games!!! ha ha

All our resins - the opaque, matte-finish white, the crystal-clear, and the frosted-clear are ALL Premium, Made in the USA resins. We have been casting resin for over 30-years - for our own artworks, for commissioned pieces, theme park applications worldwide, entertainment companies, industrial & prototyping designers, and the high-end automotive industry. Resin is second-nature to our production team here in Southern Oregon. We love it!

The other funny thing that happened in Paris…. my friend, Kendra, and I were sitting at a cute sidewalk coffee shop one morning. We were taking a little break from brocante (street flea market) shopping. BOY! Were we in for some surprises! If you ever get a chance to shop the streets of Paris, DO!!!

While sitting and chatting, we spied a lovely, but HEAVY, stone bust. I took a few photos and emailed them to the studio with a quick note “something like this would be amazing in miniature … cast in resin!”

Well, by the time I was home, a week or so later, my crew had it sculpted and into final design waiting for my final input and approval. DONE! Bella was born. And she is cast in that soft and smooth resin we love!