Friday, August 12, 2016

Hiatus. Stuff and Things.

Last weekend, I made a vow, of sorts, to myself... in front of the people that love and support me... to take a HIATUS from thrifting, collecting, yard-saling, rescuing orphans from the side-of-the-road piles, "gifts" of cast-offs, findings, as-is stores.... etc. etc. etc.

You see, I don't smoke. I don't do drugs. I don't drink (heavily!) I don't have many of the "regular" addict vices, but MY addiction is the COLLECTING.

"Hello. My name is Tina Schiefer, and I'm addicted to collecting THINGS!"

I laugh at all the online hoarding memes. I'm NOT a hoarder. I don't collect garbage, per se, but I do collect THINGS that can be made into OTHER, NEW, FUN, and EXCITING things.

With all those THINGS, comes SPACE. CLOGGED space. NARROW walkways. Shelves piled with totes FULL of THINGS. Little THINGS. BIG things. THINGS. THINGS. THINGS.

The bad part of the collecting of THINGS, is the SORTING. You see, I set out to SORT. Then... well, I begin to plot and plan and head down memory lane of where I found said such-and-such... who I was with when I found said such-and-such.... who gave me said such-and-such.... what I was planning on doing with said such-and-such... (if you just read all those SUCH-AND-SUCH sentences, welcome to my world of the perpetual circle of see, read, repeat.)

That's what sorting is like. I collected these THINGS because I liked them. I had grand plans. Up to this point, I've had a hard time letting go of the THINGS, once I delve into sorting. I have A LOT of good STUFF!'s TIME for a BIG, HUGE, CHANGE!

I don't expect this will be easy. 

I don't expect I'll be totally and completely surrounded by boxes that look like this....

But... I have to start somewhere!

I sold a BUNCH of items and things I LOVED at Barnstormers Vintage Fair last weekend. A few of those "let it go's" were tough to say goodbye to. Trust me, I know they are ONLY THINGS! But....

On Sunday, I passed up the yard sales. Today, I passed up the freebie bookcase and adorable little wooden desk with the FREE sign on it....

"Hello. My name is TINA SCHIEFER, and I'm trying to overcome my ADDICTION!"

I will still adore Hector the Collector. He's on the back of all my new calling cards... but I will spend the next year - August 2016-August 2017 - focusing on other things.... my TWO little camper trailers, sorting and selling/re-gifting/donating things, and getting my totes, shelves, rooms, nooks, crannies, walkways EMPTY.

Breathe. I know my friends will be supportive. This time NEXT year, I'll be able to say,

"Hello. My name is TINA SCHIEFER, and I'm no longer an ADDICT! Check out my cute camp trailers... let's go have FUN! Oh, and the studio is all neat and tidy and organized. Let's have a creative party!"

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Who CAN resist?

Today I received the loveliest rusty gift from my friend, Jennifer. She just spent the Holiday weekend camping at the mountain lake resort we all love, Lake of the Woods, in her sweet glamper. 

A couple weeks ago, she told me about this old Valspar paint can she had found stashed out in nature when she was up there camping. 

Well, this morning she brought it in to our shop to show me. From deep within the paper Grange 
Co-Op bag, she revealed this beauty! OMG!!! SO AWESOME. 

Just look at the rust. Look at the patina. Look at the COLOR!!! LOOK AT THE GRAPHICS!

And then she just smiled her big 'ol happy smile, and says, "I got it for you!" HUGS!!!

I don't know about you, but THIS is the PERFECT color with RUST! 

I'm making up stories in my head about the wooden boats at the marina... I'm imagining some grandpa out refinishing his lake house deck. 

Oh, how my mind wanders...but seriously, I bet I'm not too far off! 

I'll be enjoying this silly little can for a while... Who CAN resist? Not I.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Well Wishes and Whatnot - #4

Bee and Echinacea, commonly known as Coneflower.
Photo taken in Jacksonville, Oregon. July 2014.
This bee has it right... stop and smell the flowers.
Even a stroll down a city sidewalk can be a thing of beauty.
You just have to slow down.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Post Mailer Box and Finnabair Fun

Sometimes, I find things that cost next to nothing, but I can't leave behind because I know they have a story to tell.

Yes, it may ultimately be MY make-believe, fantasy story, but that's actually part of the fun.

This may look like a simple cardboard box to many. However, I see a canvas just waiting to be transformed into a mixed-media wall art creation.

I love that it has woven straps with metal buckles.

 And that there's this riveted metal frame just perfect for a quote, photo or story.

That it still has 6-cent stamps attached and the riveted metal corners.

That there are water stains adding LOTS of patina and visual texture.

Just look at the scrawled-out label. 

So many possibilities. 

And an entire INSIDE to hide secret stuff...messages, photos, treasures!

The possibilities are ENDLESS!!!


I just returned from my second Art Is YOU event in Santa Rosa. One of the workshops I took was Finnabair - Anna Dabrowska. 

Now, I have a HUGE confession to make. I had never heard of Anna. I know, I know!!! What? Was I under a rock??? 

Well, Janice (you all know Janice, right?), she DID know of Anna and had been following her mixed-media techniques and products for some time. So, we signed up for her Saturday workshop.

The all white presentation reminds me of a wedding cake.

Not your average alphabet stencil either. 

I almost think this is my favorite one in her lineup.

As you can see, I even used one of my "Found" art elements - Marie - in my project. 

What a great combo to use her products with mine.

Can I just tell you? I had a GREAT time playing. Not only with her stencils, paints, texture mediums, and micas, but the overall experience kept me intrigued. I was enjoying the whole process...and for the first time EVER! I actually ordered workshop products. 

Many times, I don't see the need to duplicate product "types". Sure, every crafty-artist has their own product line, but many seem to cross-over and become redundant in my studio....but..... I really, really enjoyed playing with her line up and recognized that they were different enough to be added to my arsenal. Ok, maybe that makes me sound like a product snob, but oh well. 

Yes, it was a her Ultimate Artifact workshop, and that meant the class was using her black Gesso...and yes, I was a bit of a deviant and went with a very feminine design (not normally my style either, but my muse was feeling it, I guess?)... And guess what? I LOVE IT!!! 

I can't wait to combine some of her products with the post mailer box. I'll keep you "posted". *wink

Have a GREAT MONDAY! Find time to be creative... or just go out treasure hunting! 

...and if you are just hanging out in your jammies with a cup of your favorite beverage, great! 

Either way, just BE HAPPY!

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